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Upcoming Events

Join us for one of our upcoming Paint & Sip events—there's something for everyone! Paint for $25 on Thursday Community Nights, create brand new artwork on Friday & Saturday nights, or bring the whole family to paint on Sunday afternoons.
Glittery Halloween Squares
Glittery Halloween Squares from $15.00
Ravishing Raven
Ravishing Raven $35.00
Amores Muertos Date Night
Amores Muertos Date Night $50.00
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising Sold Out
Fall In
Fall In Sold Out
Thanks from $15.00
Pretty Painted Pumpkins
Pretty Painted Pumpkins Sold Out
Party Pumpkins
Party Pumpkins $25.00
Blackbirds $20.00
Winterglow $35.00
Adorable Acorn
Adorable Acorn from $15.00
Backyard Haven
Backyard Haven Sold Out
Santa's Beard
Santa's Beard Sold Out
Snow Wonder
Snow Wonder Sold Out
And to All a Good Night!
And to All a Good Night! Sold Out
There's No Place Like Gnome
There's No Place Like Gnome Sold Out
Emerald Reflections
Emerald Reflections Sold Out
Royal Winterscape
Royal Winterscape $35.00
Glittery Christmas Squares
Glittery Christmas Squares Sold Out
Sugar Plum Penquin
Sugar Plum Penquin Sold Out
Christmas Lamppost
Christmas Lamppost Sold Out
Fairy Lights Christmas Tree
Fairy Lights Christmas Tree Sold Out
Moonglow Sold Out
Cabin by the Lake
Cabin by the Lake $35.00
Frosty Landscape
Frosty Landscape Sold Out
Emerald Reflections Monday
Emerald Reflections Monday Sold Out
Lovely Lady
Lovely Lady $25.00
Beautiful Bloom
Beautiful Bloom $35.00
Snowman in Love
Snowman in Love from $15.00
Gnome Is Where the Heart Is
Gnome Is Where the Heart Is $25.00
Heart of Hearts
Heart of Hearts $35.00
Oh Gnomeo! Oh Gnomeo!
Oh Gnomeo! Oh Gnomeo! $35.00
Date Night: Night Sky
Date Night: Night Sky $50.00
Midnight Aspens
Midnight Aspens $35.00
Moonlit Deep
Moonlit Deep $35.00
Date Night: Forever Love
Date Night: Forever Love $50.00