Now accepting reservations for private parties!

Upcoming Events

Join us for one of our upcoming Paint & Sip events—there's something for everyone! Paint for $25 on Thursday Community Nights, create brand new artwork on Friday & Saturday nights, or bring the whole family to paint on Sunday afternoons.
Butterfly Oval
Butterfly Oval Sold Out
Bison Skull
Bison Skull $35.00
Date Night: Colorado Aspens
Date Night: Colorado Aspens $50.00
Pour Painting
Pour Painting Sold Out
Colorado Dusk
Colorado Dusk $25.00
Flingin' Pots Mug Makin'
Flingin' Pots Mug Makin' $35.00
Colorado Columbine
Colorado Columbine from $15.00
All Ablaze
All Ablaze Sold Out
Colorado Blue Wood Pallet
Colorado Blue Wood Pallet $25.00
Fresh Air
Fresh Air $25.00
Sunny Smile
Sunny Smile $25.00
Longing for Red Rocks
Longing for Red Rocks $35.00
Lake Life
Lake Life Sold Out
Campfire $25.00
Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams Sold Out
September Bouquet
September Bouquet from $15.00
Sunset Over the Rockies
Sunset Over the Rockies Sold Out
Go Your Way
Go Your Way $25.00
Ocean Breezes - Triangles
Ocean Breezes - Triangles $25.00
Moody Morning
Moody Morning $35.00
Waterfall Wonders
Waterfall Wonders $35.00
Spicy Hot Harvest
Spicy Hot Harvest $25.00
Misty Mountain Dusk
Misty Mountain Dusk $35.00
Magical Night
Magical Night $25.00
Radiant Woods
Radiant Woods $35.00
Flingin' Pots Owls
Flingin' Pots Owls Sold Out
Honeycomb Hexagon
Honeycomb Hexagon $35.00
Trees That Go Splat
Trees That Go Splat $25.00
Road Trip
Road Trip $35.00
Buffalo Dreams
Buffalo Dreams $35.00
Fun Fruit Flavors
Fun Fruit Flavors from $15.00
Sugar Skulls Date Night (Downtown)
Sugar Skulls Date Night (Downtown) Sold Out
Van Gogh Sunflower
Van Gogh Sunflower $35.00
Peaks & Pinks
Peaks & Pinks $35.00
Under the Impression
Under the Impression $35.00
Spooky Wine Glass Painting
Spooky Wine Glass Painting $35.00
Flingin' Pots Monster Cups
Flingin' Pots Monster Cups $35.00
Pumpkin Pallet
Pumpkin Pallet $35.00