Join us for one of our upcoming Paint & Sip events—there's something for everyone! Paint for $25 on Thursday Community Nights, create brand new artwork on Friday & Saturday nights, or bring the whole family to paint on Sunday afternoons.
Butterfly Oval
Butterfly Oval Sold Out
Paint Your Date ... Picasso Style!
Paint Your Date ... Picasso Style! Sold Out
Bison Skull
Bison Skull $35.00
Pour Painting
Pour Painting $39.00
Colorado Dusk
Colorado Dusk $25.00
Flingin' Pots Mug Makin'
Flingin' Pots Mug Makin' $35.00
Colorado Columbine
Colorado Columbine from $15.00
All Ablaze
All Ablaze Sold Out
Colorado Blue Wood Pallet
Colorado Blue Wood Pallet $25.00
Fresh Air
Fresh Air $25.00
Sunny Smile
Sunny Smile $25.00
Longing for Red Rocks
Longing for Red Rocks $35.00
Lake Life
Lake Life Sold Out
Campfire from $19.00
Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams Sold Out
September Bouquet
September Bouquet from $15.00
Sunset Over the Rockies
Sunset Over the Rockies Sold Out
Go Your Way
Go Your Way $25.00
Ocean Breezes - Triangles
Ocean Breezes - Triangles $25.00
Colorado Pint Glasses
Colorado Pint Glasses $39.00
Moody Morning
Moody Morning $35.00
Waterfall Wonders
Waterfall Wonders $35.00
Spicy Hot Harvest
Spicy Hot Harvest $25.00
Misty Mountain Dusk
Misty Mountain Dusk $35.00
Magical Night
Magical Night $25.00
Date Night: Light-up Fall Wine Bottles
Date Night: Light-up Fall Wine Bottles Sold Out
Radiant Woods
Radiant Woods $35.00
Flingin' Pots Owls
Flingin' Pots Owls Sold Out
Honeycomb Hexagon
Honeycomb Hexagon $35.00
Trees That Go Splat
Trees That Go Splat $25.00
Road Trip
Road Trip $35.00
Buffalo Dreams
Buffalo Dreams Sold Out
Fun Fruit Flavors
Fun Fruit Flavors Sold Out
Sugar Skulls Date Night
Sugar Skulls Date Night $60.00
Sugar Skulls Date Night (Downtown)
Sugar Skulls Date Night (Downtown) Sold Out
Van Gogh Sunflower
Van Gogh Sunflower Sold Out
Peaks & Pinks
Peaks & Pinks Sold Out
Under the Impression
Under the Impression Sold Out
Spooky Wine Glass Painting
Spooky Wine Glass Painting $35.00
Monster Mugs with Flingin Pots
Monster Mugs with Flingin Pots $37.00
Pumpkin Pallet
Pumpkin Pallet $35.00
Last Call for Fall
Last Call for Fall $35.00
Blissful Bridge
Blissful Bridge $35.00
Rise 'n Fall
Rise 'n Fall $35.00
Silver Aspens
Silver Aspens Sold Out
There Be Dragons
There Be Dragons $25.00
Sugar Skulls 10-7-23
Sugar Skulls 10-7-23 Sold Out
Sugar Skulls (Downtown)
Sugar Skulls (Downtown) Sold Out
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