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Community Nights

We are so lucky to be located in such a MARVELOUS community! We want to say thank you with select painting classes for just $20 per person. See below for upcoming Community Night classes.

Daisy Day
Daisy Day Sold Out
Cactus Flower
Cactus Flower $25.00
Honeybee Sold Out
Wild Poppies
Wild Poppies Sold Out
Hexagon Blooms
Hexagon Blooms $25.00
Good Goddess
Good Goddess Sold Out
Forest View
Forest View $25.00
City Bridge
City Bridge $25.00
Seas the Day
Seas the Day $25.00
From Colorado
From Colorado Sold Out
Cattail Sunrise
Cattail Sunrise $25.00
Fancy Feather
Fancy Feather from $15.00
Scarlet Sunset
Scarlet Sunset Sold Out
Desert Sky
Desert Sky $25.00
All Paths Lead to the Mountains
All Paths Lead to the Mountains Sold Out
Sunny Flower
Sunny Flower $25.00
Kayaking Couple
Kayaking Couple $25.00
Tropical Paradise
Tropical Paradise $25.00
Butterfly Oval
Butterfly Oval Sold Out
Go Your Way
Go Your Way $25.00
Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams Sold Out
Campfire $25.00
Fresh Air
Fresh Air $25.00
Colorado Blue Wood Pallet
Colorado Blue Wood Pallet $25.00
Colorado Dusk
Colorado Dusk $25.00
Spicy Hot Harvest
Spicy Hot Harvest $25.00
Magical Night
Magical Night $25.00
Pink Perfection
Pink Perfection $25.00
Sunflowers $25.00
Trees That Go Splat
Trees That Go Splat $25.00
Autumn Evening
Autumn Evening $25.00
Colorado Horizon
Colorado Horizon Sold Out
Magenta Sky
Magenta Sky Sold Out
October Moon
October Moon Sold Out
All Hallow's Moon
All Hallow's Moon $25.00
Spooky Tree
Spooky Tree Sold Out
Blissful Bridge
Blissful Bridge $35.00
Autumn Bridge
Autumn Bridge $25.00
Haunted Hovering House
Haunted Hovering House $25.00
Fall Rise
Fall Rise Sold Out
Autumn Stroll
Autumn Stroll $25.00
Golden Grove
Golden Grove $25.00
Funky Feather
Funky Feather Sold Out
Falling for You
Falling for You $25.00
Autumn Bears
Autumn Bears $25.00
Evening Fog
Evening Fog $25.00
Party Pumpkins
Party Pumpkins $25.00
Mama Bear
Mama Bear $25.00