White & Wild Fundraiser

Fundraiser for First United Presbyterian Church. Admission includes a $10 donation and a complimentary glass of wine.

Check-in at 6:30PM
Painting starts at 7:00PM

The First United Presbyterian Church Youth group is fundraising to send nine youth on a mission trip to New Orleans in July. Youth will stay and work at a place called Camp Restore. Since most of the youth are 16 or younger, they cannot work on home construction or home improvement sites. Instead, they will assist at a camp for younger youth so that adults with kids can volunteer on home restoration projects. There are still thousands of homes effected by natural disasters that occurred in the last 12 years. Nearly 600,000 people were displaced in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. Recovery is ongoing. You can help from afar by helping raise money for our youth to visit Camp Restore!

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