A Painting & Pints event brings people into your brewery for a unique painting experience. Use the opportunity to introduce new customers to your beers and venue. Get creative! Incorporate your business into the event with a custom painting, plan a beer tasting, offer a special menu, feature live music, or let us brainstorm more unique ideas.

The Details

  • Cost: We bring the party to you at no cost! Painters will pay us $35 per person, and we will pay you for their first drink (up to $7). We encourage you to offer drink specials, a set menu, or other fun deals.
  • Time: All parties take approximately 2 hours. We will arrive an hour prior to the event for set up and to greet guests. It will take us about 30 minutes after to clean up. Our painters are likely to stick around for more drinks, a meal, or dessert.
  • Supplies: We bring everything necessary to create a painted masterpiece. This includes disposable table cloths, easels, canvases, paints, palettes, brushes, water cups, and paper towels. We use non-toxic acrylic paints that can be easily cleaned with soap & water.

What you can provide...

  • Location: a semi-private space that can hold 10+ painters. This can be in the brewhouse, taproom, a party room, patio, etc. We only require that the area is NOT carpeted.
  • Tables & Chairs: Enough space for easels, paints, canvases, food & drink.
  • Water:  We require a water source to rinse our brushes.
  • Dedicated server: We guarantee that you will sell more food & drinks with a server focused on the painting party! People get so involved in painting that they often forget to get up and get a refill.
  • Music: We can bring music or use yours! We recommend music that is fun & energetic. It is also important to adjust volume as needed during the painting instruction.

Let’s get the word out!

  • Date & time: It is best to have at least a month to promote public events. Generally, we host events on evenings and weekends. We can also offer your venue as an option for private parties.
  • Promotion:Studio Vino will promote each event through our successful marketing channels including Facebook (5,000+ fans), our email newsletter (4,500+ subscribers), website, and custom fliers.

Ready to plan a Painting & Pints event?Call Studio Vino at 970-685-4583 or email info@studiovino.com to get started.

We look forward to working with you and bringing more fun and creativity to Colorado beer lovers!