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Pour Painting Paint-at-Home Kit

Have you seen the videos and wanted to try it yourself? We've put it together for you! Kit includes everything you need to paint four small triangle canvases, one 10x10 canvas, or one 8x10 canvas. Please choose canvas size when ordering. (Shapes and sizes are subject to change.)

Included: a canvas of your choice, pour paint available in 10 colors (see below), foil tray, hangers, paper towels, and instructions.

COLORS: You can choose up to four colors. Please use the Names of Painters section to tell us which ones you want: purple, light pink, navy blue, light blue, aqua, red, black, white, turquoise, hot pink, lime green, forest green, yellow, silver, copper, or gold.

Please contact us via email ( to arrange a time for pick-up.

NOTE: Memberships cannot be used on Paint-at-Home Kits.